Amazon Image Stack Shot List

Creativeblox is well-known for assisting hundreds of clients with their creative services projects. Our forte is in corporate communications, print, packaging & web design and has experience beyond designing and developing an online presence, marketing materials, displays & consumer packaging for major brands retailers. Thus, we provided here a short and simple template for you to start with your eCommerce image shot list, in particular, the Amazon.

Your Amazon product photos are the single biggest factor in turning viewers into customers. As experts with Amazon and eCommerce stores, from uploading new products and simple image cleanup, Creativeblox turn these into lifestyle shots, complex 3D renders and cutaways, text, callouts or icons and graphics, product instructions and more. The team also offers services on product photography (half day), art direction and culling of photos, main photo on white to Amazon standards, photo clean up and color correction, and transfer of source files and copyrights.

To start, the client must provide the vital information needed and clears out the idea of the outcome they want. Hence, the steps are imparted below. Have a look and be familiar with these.

Date of Order:

Project Manager:

Client Contact Info

Client Name:                                                                                                        Company Name:

Your Email:                                                                                                           Your Skype ID:  

Your Timezone:



Link to Any Existing Amazon product page:     ________________________________________

Links to 2 or 3 competitors product page:         ________________________________________

    1. Perception: Please indicate how you want the product to be perceived by viewers. Choose 3 words that should come to mind when they see the images. (rugged, low cost, kid-friendly, Made In USA  etc).
    1. Product Features: A list of main benefits of your product.
  1. Demographic: Your target audience.

Shots List

Main Image

The main image is important as it is what shows up in the search results. If the main image is for Amazon, It must meet Amazon requirements. Please provide Detailed Description and links to reference images. You can place an image here as an example and include a description.  

Gallery Images

Provide a description for each shot and include images and links to anything you feel is relevant. If in use or lifestyle shots are required, include links to stock images. We maintain accounts at Adobe Stock and Fotolia and suggest you start there./>>

Gallery Image 1 Example: Alternate view of product

Gallery Image 2 Example: Image that shows the features of the product

Gallery Image 3 Example: How to Use product

Gallery Image 4 Example: Where to Use Image

Gallery Image 5 Example: Benefits of product

Gallery Image 6 Example: Lifestyle image featuring product

You may add more gallery images but note that this will add to turnaround and cost.


Research (1-2 days)

We will review competitor pages. Create sketches for Internal review. Locate stock images from Fotolia and Adobe Stock. Hold a kickoff meeting. Consult with the client.

Photography & Culling  (2-3 days)

One day photo shoot with a follow-up half day shoot if needed. Raw photos are posted on for review and image finalist are selected.

Photo Editing & Compositing (3-5 days)

Cleanup, Resizing, color correction and Compositing product photos with licensed stock images. 3D renderings, Text or Graphics added to gallery images if needed.

Revisions (2-3 days)

We offer unlimited revisions (within reason). Each round of revisions takes one business day.  


    • Composite: A combination of two or more images to create a single image. For example, a licensed stock photo of fruit added to a photo of a food processor.
    • Lifestyle Shot: an image showing the product in context. For example, a Kitchen Appliance showed in a kitchen setting. Or a camping tent in an outdoor setting.
    • In-Use Shot: an image showing product in use. For example a dog leash on a dog.
    • Mockup: a digital rendering of a physical item. Most commonly packaging or label art made into a 3D rendering to show what the final item will look like.
    • Graphics: Text, icons, logos, callouts, or any other design element added to the image.
  • Lens: Also called a bubble or inset image. These are smaller images inside of the main image that zooms in on areas and used to call attention to features.

Shipping Address

(x) Davao Studio
Ship to: Creativeblox Design Studios

Attn:  Rick Fernandez

Address: Door #1, 2nd Floor, Emelou Bldg. National Highway, Brgy. San Francisco, Panabo City, Davao del Norte

Office Tel #: +63 84-309-0436

Email: [email protected]

Skype: creativeblox

*Note: It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the products arrive at our studio in a timely manner and in good condition. Make sure to ship products free of scratches or imperfections. Make sure to properly protect the samples with bubble wrap etc. If packaging is to be photographed, include 1 or 2 flat boxes or send us the art files and we can create a 3D rendering. We recommend reliable couriers such as UPS, FedEx or DHL to ship to our studios. Any courier or customs charges will be added to the final bill. If you would like the products shipped back to include a product return form and prepaid courier paperwork and instructions. We can keep the products in the studio for up to 30 days.
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We hope this article and template benefit you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out anything as we continue on to next steps!