Checklist of Requirements for New Graphics Project

Our team handles a ton of creative production work. We use project management software to gather all of the details so the team knows what to do. To avoid a lot of back and forth its important to put everything together into one concise email so we can review and action.

Below are some tips to help design projects run successfully and a list of the details we need when we assign the task. This is a big list and the content is NOT required for EVERY project. But understand that the more context you provide at the start of the project the closer to the mark we will be on the first draft. This is particularly important if we’`re trying to meet an ambitious deadline. Your Project Manager can help gather the info from customers.

1. For new clients, provide a detailed creative brief at the start of the project. include information about their company, competitors and audience.
2. Have all assets ready at the start of the project including all FINAL text, links, any printers specifications, high res images and any previous art. Do not include anything unrelated to the project. Zip the folder and send as a Dropbox or WeTransfer link.
3. During the feedback loop, instead of telling us exactly what to do, tell us what the problem is. That way we understand the reasoning behind your decisions. This might help us to come up with some alternate ideas that you may not have thought of and address your concerns. In other words; instead of saying “make the logo bigger!” explain the problem (the logo should be more visible). then we might be able to recommend a few options.
4. If you don’t have a style guide, template or previous art for the project put together a board on Pinterest showing us stuff that you like. Heres an example


Dimensions (WxH) in inches, pixels or cm:

Weight (if applicable any limitations imposed by sites such as max 5mg upload):

Any Software preference: Indesign – Illustrator – Photoshop – pdf

Resolution: (ex: 300dpi for print or 72dpi for web)

color space: (RGB for web, CMYK for print, Pantone for signage, B/W for forms etc)

File Format Output: PDF – JPG – PNG – PSD – legacy AI – Packaged Source Files

Any File naming convention required:


Task description: (description of the task to be performed in a single sentence. Example: Full color 2 sided trifold brochure 11″x8.5”).


(instructions that will give insight into the project. Remove anything unrelated to completing the task such as request for pricing or questions about turnaround).

media: (How will it be used? print, web, billboard, email etc.)

number of pages/pieces/panels:(how many in total, For example 16 pages including covers or 12 Amazon Images etc).

output format required: (Be specific: Vector eps, print ready pdf, layered psd, high res jpg, Adobe InDesign legacy etc)


low priority 2 week+

medium priority 1 week+

high priority less than 1 week

Rush (48 hours or less)*

Urgent (24 hours or less)*

* We will first check our workload before accepting these and additional fees will apply.

First draft due date: A realistic due date of when they expect to see first draft AFTER internal reviews. Usually within 2-3 business days of assigning the project.

Are thumbnails / sketches / storyboards required?: Y or N (all design from scratch work needs a sketch. Not required for simple illustration projects or if client has supplied a style guide, template or source files to match.)

reference: links or attachments of style client like as well as styles provided by team leader or art director.

final due date: on average it takes 7 to 10 work days for design projects. longer for more complex jobs.

path to your file folder (if stored in Dropbox / Google Drive / Hightail etc):


Resources To be provided at project start:

Logo in vector format (.ai or .eps)

Dielines or dimensions for packaging:

All FINAL text provided in .docx. It’s always best if you provide copy in a format where we can just copy and paste.  We can accept images with text or handwriting but it will require that we retype everything and you proofread and approve it.

High Res images provided or to be purchased by us?:

Barcodes QR code affiliate logos or other assets?:

WOULD LIKE TO HAVE INFO (optional but very helpful)

Client background info:

Audience Demographic (Who is it for B2B or B2C? Average Age,  Location, Male / Female, socio-economics etc)

Objective/goals: (what do we want the viewer to do when they see this item? Buy Now, Sign Up! Download this ebook!):

What is the main message: what do we want to say?

Do you have a Brand Style Guide or did you provide previous art for us to follow?: