Create a Book That Stays on Top with Amazon KDP Design Services

Writing books and novels is a great way to express creativity and leave a lasting mark on your readers. It’s also the perfect way to make a passive income for years after the book is published. Unfortunately, the most challenging part often comes after you finish writing — gathering the resources you need to create a book that looks professional, attracts the reader’s attention, and looks great on readers’ shelves. That is why many authors are turning to outside sources to help them maximize the impact of their works. Book design services such as Creativeblox are becoming increasingly popular among Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) authors.

Creativeblox is an expert graphic design company specializing in designing quality content books and media. We provide design services for fiction, nonfiction, and even children’s coloring and activity books. We give the authors highly experienced graphic designers who are experienced in creating eye-catching digital and print designs.

When creating an excellent book for KDP, one of the most important aspects is the book’s cover. Unfortunately, you do judge a book by its cover. Creativeblox has the expertise necessary to create stunning covers that are creative, eye-catching, and will grab the reader’s attention. We offer different packages depending on your budget, ranging from basic to premium, so you can customize your book cover to fit your needs. Creativeblox offers other design services such as formatting and typesetting, interior art and illustrations, and even 3D book cover models.

Creativeblox also takes book marketing into account when we design your book cover. We understand that covers are essential to any book’s marketing strategy, and we use various techniques to create the perfect design. For example, we use the psychology of colors to ensure the colors on your cover will effectively convey the message of your book to readers. We also specialize in making sure your book will successfully appear in search engine results when readers type in keywords related to your book.

In summary, Creativeblox is an excellent choice for authors who want to ensure their books look professional and attractive to potential readers. We have the necessary experience and expertise to create the perfect book cover for your KDP publication. Our services are affordable and customizable, so you can tailor your package to fit your budget and needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help get your publication on customers’ shelves. Send a short description of what you need to [email protected] and we can set up a time to brainstorm some ideas.