Guidelines and Best Practices for Amazon Photos

We are visual creatures and can be a bit lazy, too. That’s why online shopping has become widespread nowadays. When you shop online, product images are the first thing you look at, right? You watch them first before reading a wordy product description.

If you’re an Amazon seller, product images are super important! High-quality ones can make your products fly off the shelves. But bad product images can mess things up – we’re talking about blurry pictures or not having the appropriate number of images. That product image makes a difference in your brand in the long run.

Aside from that, to achieve a top-notch product image, you need to follow Amazon’s image rules. Check the guidelines and some tips to make your images pop and get those sales rolling.

Amazon’s Technical Image Requirements

For image file format: Amazon prefers a JPEG file format but accepts the following formats as well. TIFF (.tif/.tiff), PNG (.png), and non-animated GIF (.gif).

In image dimensions, 500 px to 10,000 px on their longest side is acceptable. The preferred dimension is larger than 1,000 pixels on each side to enable zoom functionality, which has proven to boost sales. However, if your image files are too large, Amazon will automatically resize them, which can lead to grainy or pixelated images.

In naming your images, it must start with a product identifier followed by the file extension. For instance, “B9780123456.jpg.” Note: Using spaces, dashes, or other special characters in your file name will prevent your image from displaying. Identifiers are as follows; ASIN, ISBN, EAN, JAN, UPC.

Requirements for Main product image:

Keep in mind that your primary image must be impactful cause it’s your initial interaction with Amazon shoppers.

Your main product image should: accurately depict the product with a pure-white background and make up 85% of the image. Refrain from including text, logos, borders, watermarks, or other graphics and show the complete product without accessories not included in the purchase or any confusing props.

Pro Tip: Recent studies show that many customers are using their smartphones to purchase on Amazon. But the proportions of the images for the phone are a little different. The standard square images required by Amazon (2000×2000) look smaller on the Amazon app screen. We recommend that the main image be set up as a vertical format (2000 pixels wide x 2500 pixels tall) so the product appears larger on the mobile app and gives you a slight advantage over competitors. The rest of the gallery can be in square format.

Requirements for all product images:

All images must not feature nudity or possess sexual connotations. Moreover, avoid displaying Amazon logos, trademarks, or anything similar (e.g., AMAZON, PRIME, ALEXA, Amazon Smile). Also, steer clear of badges like “Amazon’s Choice” or promotional language like “limited time only!” or “sale,” including URLs.

Moreover, each product listed on Amazon should include a minimum of one product image. However, Amazon strongly advises having a minimum of six images along with one video for an enhanced shopping experience. As your primary image is limited to a straightforward shot, utilize your secondary images to display various angles and close-up details.

In summary, it’s not just about meeting Amazon’s image standards. Your ultimate aim should be to create a connection and vividly convey the incredible benefits of your products to Amazon shoppers through your images. If you’re looking for a suitable virtual assistance for your Amazon listings message MyOwnVA now.