Ethics and Integrity to Serve

All kinds of businesses aim for increase in sales and profit. For this reason many had tried shameless promotions and deceitful tactics just to achieve their primary goal thus, damaging their reputation. Profitable business can be achieved ethically; conforming to the set of rules and standards established and does not deceive consumers for profit. Integrity is a must to gain commitment in every form of business.

To promote ethical habits in online marketing, here are Ways the Site Earns Money:
Affiliate Links – Some of the links on our site link to products and services that pay us a bounty or referral fee for helping them add clients.

Advertisements – We offer advertising spots to companies whose products we’ve tried, whose company we trust, or those advertisements we just happen to think are cool. We make all sponsored positioning as clear as possible.

Direct Sales – We offer products and services on our site that can include websites, informational products, and services.

Partnerships/JV’s – We often seek out and are sometimes asked to participate in joint venture with readers and other bloggers.

We Promise To You:

We will not promote a product or service on this site unless we’ve tried it out ourselves and found it to be useful.We will leave honest feedback on any products or services that we promote to better assist you in choosing something that will be effective for you.

We will not include false testimonials or hype.
We will not give projected revenue claims or false guarantees on any of our website sales.
We will not use false scarcity as a “Fear of Loss” tactic. If something is offered on a limited basis it’s because it is limited.

We believe that online marketing does not need to play false tactics to advertise and increase sales. Let this be a help in understanding that we are working with honesty and confidence.

Rick Fernandez
Rick Fernandez