Good copywriting is important to your business

When You Read Amazon and Other Webpages

Do you go away scratching your head wondering what you just read? You saw English words but do not have a clue what the seller was trying to say? This problem is not limited to Amazon. It appears on other web pages, as well as instruction manuals and more.

When you purchase a product that needs some assembly, then you look at the English instructions. Do you find it very difficult to understand what they are trying to tell you to do? After following those instructions and assembling the product, it looks like something that belongs in a museum for modern art.

These are fixable problems. With our new copywriting service, you can avoid those miscommunication issues and enhance your business’ reputation.

Why Does This Situation Take Place

These days many companies are outsourcing their manufacturing to places like China and India. That company not only handles manufacturing but often they are required to construct the English instructions and descriptions.


This means that the English content is written in a country that does not use English as their first language. These non-English companies try their best. But their efforts often fall short.

Unfortunately, they just do not have the experience in using the English language.  They do not have the knowledge, the context or know the nuances needed to communicate clearly to English speaking consumers.

We Have the Solution




But that is not all. Our copywriters can tailor your content to fit the British English market as well. You will not have customers walking away from your web pages wondering if they actually read English or not.

Your business reputation and sales depend on the quality of the English used in your advertising, instruction manuals, and other materials.

The Services We Provide

Besides providing high quality North American and British English copy, our company can contribute to many aspects of your business. We can help raise your reputation by improving the quality of English your products use. Here are some of the services we can handle:

  • Copywriting
  • Content writing
  • Blog writing
  • Amazon and Ebay Product descriptions
  • Packaging product descriptions
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Top Ten lists
  • Rewriting websites
  • And much more

Don’t trust your outsourcing content to those who do not understand English correctly. Your business reputation is at stake. You need to communicate your product information clearly, so your old and new customers can make an easy decision to buy your products.

Why risk your sales and business reputation?


This is the important question to be answered. Why settle for inferior quality communication when you can get the best copywrite possible? Upgrading your English content means upgrading your business reputation and sales.

Getting the best possible English content means your customers will understand what you are trying to say and can make better decisions.

To avoid these simple issues, contact Creativeblox. Our experts can help you communicate more clearly at an affordable rate.