PickFu: An Essential Tool for Amazon Brand Owners

PickFu is a market research platform that allows you to run online surveys. It might be best thought of as a digital focus group, where you can gather a significant number of responses to questions that are important to your business. This is particularly useful in some of these common scenarios:

  1. Deciding on a brand name
  2. Choosing between logo designs
  3. Finalizing product packaging
  4. Split testing listing images
  5. Gauging different price points
PickFu would be perfect for people who:
  1. Don’t have a large audience to hypothesize and test ideas
  2. Don’t want to use their audiences to test ideas
  3. Want unbiased, constructive feedback on an idea they’ve been pondering
  4. Value market research and split testing

When using PickFu, poll owners can choose a target audience who’ll get to vote in their poll. This means that they could get feedback from target market audiences within a few minutes. But how does it works, and how to create a poll for beginners?

Here’s a detailed guide when using PickFu Poll Builder Templates for Beginners

Step 1: Choose your Industry – Templates contain a selection of different industries that you can choose from. Choices as follows

  1. E-commerce (Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, and Other online marketplaces)
  2. Gaming (developers working on mobile/ online games)
  3. Publishing (writers, publishers, and others working on books- print, audio or digital format)
  4. Mobile App Development (marketers of apps of all kinds)
  5. Marketing (businessmen or advertisers looking to connect with consumers)
  6. Others/ Prefer not to say (those who want to maintain anonymous professionals)

Combo Templates are also available for your convenience. You will need to sign up first before viewing the combo templates since they’re not publicly available on their website.

Step 2: What do you want to test? After choosing your industry (e.g E-commerce), PickFu will have other criteria that you need to choose from before proceeding to the next step. The criteria are as follows:


Full product listing


General idea

Infographics or secondary images



Main image

Product concept

Product design

Product listing title


Product Description

Product listing bullet points

Product name

Product packaging





Step 3: Write your Question –  The better question, the better the answers. Based on your selections for the above criteria, PickFu will suggest questions, or you can edit one or create your own.

Step 4: Add your Options –  Here, you can add your options up to 8 max. When you are looking to select your poll format, PickFu will take care of that next. The poll will automatically be Open-Ended if you don’t provide an option or just one. If the options added are three or more, you’ll have a choice to make.

Step 5: Audience Targeting The PickFu Panel puts over 10,000 U.S.-based respondents at your fingertips. There will be 2 audience bases to choose from

  1. General Audience (first available respondents- composed of the first people to answer your poll regardless of age range, gender, or other demographic traits)
  2. Custom Audience (40+ targeting traits available)

Step 6: Choose your audience size – Select how many respondents should answer your poll.

Step 7: Know your respondents – Collect information about your respondents so you can segment your results. Here you can choose from  the 40+ targeting traits available. The data you choose to collect is informational only. It does not affect which respondents qualify to answer your poll.


Step 8: Choose Optional Add-ons

Step 9: Confirm your poll and proceed to check out.

When you create a survey, you collect information privately without worrying about direct listings. Checking live listings can harm sales or search rankings. You can also choose between several different types of queries. There are currently four types of surveys available:

1. Direct survey – this is used to compare different design or packaging options. This type of survey can be used to check how consumers perceive your brand or product compared to your competitors.

Example of a  Direct Survey

2. Ranked polls – this can measure the popularity of certain product features or scores. You can ask respondents to rate the importance of different attributes and how they might influence their purchasing decisions.

Example of a Rank Poll

3. Open polls – this provides general responses to your most important questions. This can provide new insights into how potential customers will react to the discount you’re considering offering or what consumers are looking for when purchasing a particular product.

Example questions of an open poll

Sample Q1:  How do you keep track of your loved ones’ health?

Sample Q2: For those of you who are frequent beachgoers. Would you purchase a beach chair that does not recline?

4. Click test – assess which part of an image or web page attracts the most attention. By capturing where people click, a visual heatmap is created to show you what resonates and which aspects of your content may need tweaking.

With PickFu, you can see respondents start taking your survey within minutes. Most surveys end on the same day. At this rate, you can gather a lot of information to make data-driven decisions about your product

PickFu for Amazon or E-Commerce Use for Main Image Optimization

The main image in an Amazon or any E-commerce listing is very important. As humans, we are drawn to visual factors that can capture our attention.

If you are an Amazon brand owner/seller, you should get your graphics team to create options for your main image and try the following suggestions:

  1. Introduce a pop of color
  2. Change the angle of your product
    Show the product in use by incorporating a prop that your target market would connect with
  3. Display inclusions that come with the product (For example, don’t just show the headphones, but show that it comes with a case, charging cable, etc.)

Then choose a few from the images that you think are the strongest and run a PickFu poll and ask this question; “Which image do you prefer for this product name?


After getting your poll results, the next thing that customers are likely to look for is your secondary images.

Secondary images offer an opportunity to convey the most important features strikingly and visually. Up to 6 images can be added to convey the following;

  1. The product’s unique features with graphics and text
  2. Appearance of the product in use
  3. Compatibility information that might help your customer convert (e.g., does the mic work on both Mac and Windows computer?)

The main purpose of secondary images is not only to show the product  but also to overcome objections. Suppose someone buys a gaming headset. They want to find a headset that works with a particular game system. Your product can connect the two, but potential customers may not be sure it works without visualizing the connection. And you will lose sales.

Once you’ve created new images with your graphic designer, bring them to PickFu and ask, ‘Which image best represents [describe a certain situation]? or  Which image best represents the product features?”

You can also use PickFu to determine if you are showing the correct secondary image. Each image should have a purpose, such as showing the  size, overcoming  objections, or highlighting a lifestyle situation.


PickFu Pricing

A survey with 50 respondents starts at $50. Prices increase as you add specific audience targeting (such as Amazon Prime members, dog owners, or hiking enthusiasts) or increase your audience size (up to 500 people).

Please also note that you do not need to register for the survey. Simply pay as you poll. In addition, there are Professional and Team tiers. These are paid subscriptions that provide additional benefits and a discounted rate for your number of respondents.

Free Plan

Free Forever​





** polling costs are separate from plan costs. Your paid membership lowers the price per response for each poll using the PickFu Panel and removes upgrade charges for premium polling features.

PickFu Combo Template Pricing for E-commerce
  1. Amazon Page review $79 
  2. Main Image Optimization $79 
  3. Product Variant Test $119
  4. Amazon Competitor Testing $119
PickFu Discounts and Promotions

PickFu offers 50% off and seasonal discounts on your first survey. Use promo code SMART50. This code expires on June 4, 2025.

Here are three other ways to save;

#1 Sign up for our newsletter – Sign up for the PickFu newsletter and get 15% off to use on your first survey. 

#2 Share Your Results – Show off your results in our gallery and save $5 on any survey.

#3 Refer a Friend – Refer friends and colleagues and earn credits to use on surveys for each subscriber using your referral link.Here is an example of an E-Commerce Combo Ranked Poll complete with Demographics Report



PickFu offers an innovative solution to solicit honest and in-depth feedback. The data-driven details you can glean from a statistically relevant sample are much better than asking a friend or relative what they think of an idea.

However, before choosing to use this platform, you must consider other survey tools you may already have. If you’re an Amazon seller and brand owner, Manage Your Experiences allows you to A/B test different elements of your listings directly in the Seller Hub. Another way is to use built-in survey tools on social networks. 

However, while you can always post a poll on Twitter or create a poll in Google Forms and distribute it to your mailing list, this requires an existing large network and does not consider unbiased opinions outside of your feedback room. 

The real benefit of using PickFu is that it allows you to validate your vision in a controlled environment. Before you spend large amounts of resources buying stocks or making long-term branding decisions, you can get an idea of the market temperature. Please note that PickFu can cost more if you need a lot of add-ons and customizations to get all their functionality.

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